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King Soopers Neighborhood Rewards Program

The Frederick High School Education Foundation is now making it easier for you to donate to the Foundation without spending any additional funds. The foundation has joined hands with King Soopers in providing a program that allows you to make a donation to the Foundation every time you make a purchase at your local King Soopers.

How does the program work?

A rewards card must be purchased from the Foundation in advance for $2.50 (which also puts $2.50 on the card automatically). Once you obtain the card from the Foundation you must reload the card at your King Soopers Gift Services Center prior to using the card. The reward cards can be reloaded in any amount not to exceed $500.00. This has to be done prior to using the card.

For every dollar you spend at any King Soopers the Foundation will receive 5% of that purchase with no extra charge to you.

Who is eligible for the program?

Anyone who purchased a card from the Foundation is eligible.

How should I judge the amount of my reload to the rewards card?

The Foundation would suggest that prior to any shopping at King Soopers you decide the amount of your purchases at that time and reload the card in that amount. You can always reload the card to the maximum amount of $500.00 and spend from that card as you purchase.

What purchases are not eligible for the program?

Money orders, Western Union, Lottery Tickets, stamps, Tickets West, or any other gift cards are not eligible for purchase with this card.

How can I get started?

Purchase a card from the Foundation in the amount of $2.50 and then reload the card at your King Soopers. Remember to keep this card and reload it as often as you need to make purchases. Do not throw it away.

How is the donation used?

All funds collected will be used to provide educational opportunities in the form of scholarships and grants to graduating students, graduated alumni, and the staff of Frederick High School. Visit the Foundation website at for more information on how you can help.

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