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Dollar of the Month Club

The Foundation is organized and shall be operated exclusively for educational and charitable purposes, and is designed primarily to promote the welfare of students attending, graduates of, and staff members of Frederick High School. In an effort to achieve the goals of the Foundation, a new fundraising program entitled the Dollar of the Month Club will begin. The program is designed for students, staff, and parents of Frederick High School.

How do I join?

This program is open to all parents, students, and staff of Frederick High School. Enrollment is totally voluntary and a donor card will be provided by the Foundation at the high school in the counselor’s office.

How will the program work?

Each month of the school year, the foundation would like the parents of students to donate $1.00 for each student they have attending the school. At the same time, students and staff will also be asked to donate $1.00 each. This program is not mandatory and no one will be required to participate.

How will the funds be collected?

The Dollar of the Month Club will be promoted at the beginning of the school year. For those who would like to pay monthly, a collection box will be available in the counselor’s office. The donation can be placed in the box along with a donor’s card notice that will be completed by the donor.

How will a list of donors be kept?

The list of donors for this program will be kept confidential. The only record will be an accounting of the funds collected which will be posted on the Foundation website,

How does this benefit my child?

Every school year the Foundation will provide scholarships and grants based on the donations collected to those who are eligible. The number of scholarships and grants given will be made in the initial announcement each school year. As a graduating senior, your child are eligible is to apply.

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