The Education Foundation supports Frederick High School and its community through scholarships and grants. Students, staff and alumni may apply for academic related grants that are not covered by the district or other sources of funding.


The following are guidelines that apply to the Education Foundation grant requests.  All grant requests are subject to the availability of funds in the Education Foundation’s account and budget.

  1. Grant applications are reviewed on a revolving basis.  Applications received will be reviewed at the next board meeting.  
  2. Grant requests shall not exceed $500 per request. All requests can be submitted to Carey Beneke in the FHS counseling office or emailed to
  3. The grant request must be approved by a majority vote of the Education Foundation.
  4. Receipts need to be submitted to the Education Foundation verifying the purchase of items that the grant covered.
  5. Approved grant monies will be presented at a monthly Education Foundation meeting. Physical presence at the meeting is required to collect funds.

For more grant information, please contact: 

Frederick High School Education Foundation
P.O. Box 330
Frederick, Colorado 80530

Or, Carey Beneke in the FHS Counseling office.

Click here for a copy of these guidelines or a grant application form.
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