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Business Plan

“The Frederick High School Education Foundation shall provide, acquire and or reward educational opportunities
that directly impact students, staff and alumni of Frederick High School.”

The Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization operating under the official title, "The Frederick High School Education Foundation, Inc." The Foundation is an all-volunteer organization.

Management and Operations

The Frederick High School Education Foundation operates with a voluntary board of directors, with no compensation. The board of the directors consists of nine (9) members, four (4) members from the community, three (3) members from the Frederick High School staff, and two (2) students from Frederick High School.  No salary will be paid to any board member.

All meetings are held at Frederick High School, unless a special meeting is needed at a different location. There is no office located at Frederick High School. Any communications received by the school are forwarded to the Foundation.

A post office box, business checking account, a yearly budget, and a website have all been established for supporting the operations of the Foundation.

Marketing and Fundraising

The marketing plan will be created by the board of directors with three primary components: research, target, and presentation will be utilized in the plan.

We will conduct research on community businesses, all members of the community including parents of students, alumni, staff of Frederick High School, and at the same time focusing on benefactors in the community of Frederick, Colorado.

There are 4 main vehicles for fundraising:

Mail Solicitation
Personal Solicitation
Foundation Grant Solicitation
Website Donations

Fundraising events throughout the year will bring attention current campaigns. Take a look at our Event Calendar and Event Details page for more information. Consider also volunteering to help with events and campaigns.

Scholarships and Grants

The Foundation has fundraising plans to use a multitude of resources and ways in which to raise funds to support and enhance educational opportunities at Frederick High School. All proceeds from fund raising go directly to and for direct expenses of the cost of operations, grants, scholarships and cost of educational programs, only for use at and/or for the benefit of Frederick High School.

The Foundation will award annually, scholarships or grants to graduating students, alumni, or staff of Frederick High School.

Scholarships are awarded as best deemed by the Board of Directors through application and elimination process regarding academics and/or need. This process begins in April of every year with the announcements of application availability, and goes through the application receiving process with the Foundation's Board of Directors for examination and discussion at a special Board meeting. Subsequently, selections for awarding of the scholarships and announcements to recipients are made in May of the school year. All of these funds go directly to the applicant. These students may be granted scholarships to be used for college, university, trade school or special job training into any part of, or towards normal student charges such as tuition, mandatory fees, books, on-campus housing, etc.

Grants may also be provided to the staff of Frederick High School on an annual basis based on need and available funds.

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Event Calendar

Scholarship Application

April 7, 2017
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