Welcome to our new board member:
Amy Lister as Treasurer
Please ask our board members how you can help support the FHS Education Foundation!

The foundation is pleased to accept a sizable grant from the Brad Miller Designated Fund at the Longmont Community Foundation

Why an "Education Foundation"?

Why the Future is Now

The costs associated with higher educational opportunities for our students is becoming an impossible task for many in our community. State funding has become stagnant. With the opening of our new state-of-the-art high school facility, additional funding will be needed to provide programs and equipment to help educate our expanding student population.

Find out more about us, what we have planned, and what we've achieved so far.
Our students now more than ever need to be supported in the classroom with technology to be competitive in a global economy. Our students also need to be supported in their higher educational pursuits. The FHS Education Foundation can help raise money to assist in these endeavors.

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